Future Business Ventures has over a decade of donations and investments focused on socially beneficial projects. This included donating time and materials to intercity faith and community support groups, purchasing, improving and managing low income housing, and operating businesses devoted to childhood development. This currently includes ownership of two businesses focusing on products designed to strengthen children's education (Funtastic Learning Toys) and help children with Special Needs (Special Needs Toys Online).

Logos for Funtastic Learning Toys and Special Needs Toys Online
Special Needs Toys Online and Funtastic Learning Toys are two divisions of Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co.  Special Needs Toys Online focuses on the social and developmental skills needed by Special Needs Children to lead a productive and fulfilling life within the community. These products emphasize more personal development and less educational requirements. Funtastic Learning Toys focuses on Special Needs Students, their parents and their caregivers, by promoting supplemental resources that enhance Special Needs Learning and Special Education Curriculum for home, homeschool, and classroom environments.

Special Needs Toys Online vs. Funtastic Learning Toys

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