During his or her early childhood development, each child needs to develop personally and progress educationally to become a successful, well-adjusted adult. However, no one can fully develop and grow without help, including children with special needs.

Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co. is a small company formed by U.S. Veterans who have seen people which through birth or life crisis have Special Needs. Our mission is to provide products and support to families, teachers, therapists and organizations working with Special Needs Children and to provide employment for U.S. Veterans and the Elderly.


Future Business Ventures, Ltd. Co. established two divisions, Special Needs Toys Online and Funtastic Learning Toys, that offer fun, engaging and educational toys for kids; as well as providing links to items that can be purchased through Amazon.

  • Special Needs Toys Online
  • Funtastic Learning Toys
  • Amazon Seller
Special Needs Toys Online provides products for the personal development of special needs children. These products can help your child strengthen these different focus areas: basic life skills, physical fitness and development, sensory stimulation, and creative and pretend play.

Funtastic Learning Toys, our second division, provides supplemental resources to parents and caregivers to assist a special needs child's education and development. These toys and products can improve development at home, homeschool, daycare, or school.

Amazon Partner We purchase many items from our manufacturers and from clearance or overstock wholesalers which are sold through Amazon as an added source of revenue to meet our mission. We also recieve revenue from Amazon advertisements on our blogs and websites for products which represent the values of our company.

Introducing Special Needs Toys Online & Funtastic Learning Toys