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  • Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating
    Early this month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released an article reminding consumers of decorating dangers and listing important safety reminders and tips that we need to keep in mind while decorating our homes for this holiday season.
  • 2017 Consumer Product Safety Commission Tips for Safe Gifts
    In their report just released the “CPSC issued 28 toy recalls for defects including choking, mechanical hazards and fire hazards that can injure a child” in 2017. In keeping with teir ongoing concern for toy safety, parents were cautioned to
  • Smart Market Pretend Grocery Game and Playset
    Providing valuable hands-on learning experiences for your child, enabling them to learn number skills, counting, vocabulary, math (money concepts), and more. During this playtime, fine motor skills improve, and social skills develop as your child plays with family members and other children. This
  • Emotion–oes Domino Game for Special Learners by Key Education
    A new twist on a long beloved game of dominoes, this fun game with kid-friendly, colorful art helps young players recognize and identify emotions, such happy, grumpy, and silly, match emotion icons with same or matching name pieces, and engage
  • Kidding Around CD with Greg & Steve
    Kidding Around Track Titles: Say Hello, Copy Cat 1 & 2, Hugging Song, Safety Break, Believe in Yourself, Body Rock, Hoke Pokey 1 & 2, Jimmy Crack Corn, Rhyme Time With high energy, participatory songs for children, Grammy nominated Greg